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Editor's Picks
  • Impact of TTIP

    16/12/2014 09:40:57

    The United States is a rich market but navigating its regulations can be expensive and difficult. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will simplify the whole process of exporting, making it cost-effective to do business in the US no matter what the size of your company

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  • HVO Programme

    16/12/2014 09:40:18

    UKTI’s High Value Opportunities programme aims to help UK companies of all sizes win business from large overseas projects

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  • UKTI Services

    16/12/2014 09:38:43

    How UKTI can help your business grow internationally

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  • UK MSB's

    28/07/2014 17:25:57

    The UK Government has identified medium-sized businesses as a key part of their job creation and deficit reduction strategies. UKTI has a range of supports to help power these engines of the economy

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  • Direct Lending

    28/07/2014 17:23:07

    The Direct Lending Facility allows British firms to pursue international opportunities while offering finance to potential buyers

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  • UKTI Services

    28/07/2014 16:34:41

    How UKTI can help your business grow internationally

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  • Trade shows

    25/07/2014 15:14:07

    Attending trade fairs and expos can be a great way to develop overseas business. Approaching it in the right way will vastly improve your results

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  • Branding

    25/07/2014 15:12:13

    As a business, your brand is one of your most valuable assets, but making it work for you in a new market isn’t always straightforward. We look at the keys to making sure that your brand works well for you across all your areas

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  • Brazil

    24/07/2014 16:54:25

    With a growing domestic market powered by a rising middle class, Brazil represents a huge opportunity for companies with the means to approach it correctly.

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  • Education

    15/01/2014 12:35:06

    As knowledge and innovation begin to rule the roost in terms of economic success, the standard of education in all countries is being more closely scrutinised than ever before

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  • Add value

    09/01/2014 09:58:17

    Businesses can considerably enhance their online marketing efforts by using the medium of video properly and effectively, writes Brian O’Neill.

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  • Why Export?

    07/01/2014 06:21:40

    Exporting successfully is a challenge. But for any company looking to grow – or survive difficult times – it’s an avenue of huge potential

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  • Markets

    07/01/2014 06:20:57

    Emerging markets offer significant opportunity for British companies but to identify areas of growth, UK businesses must be armed with the relevant intelligence

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  • ASEAN economy

    03/07/2013 14:14:58

    For the ASEAN Economic Community to scale the unprecedented heights there is, a detailed master plan behind it, as well as apparent British business opportunities in its pursuit. We examine what it will take for both to become a fully fledged reality.

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  • London Olympics

    27/11/2012 14:36:45

    British firms can lean on the legacy of the 2012 London Olympic Games to secure business for other major international events

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  • Investment

    26/03/2012 14:15:36

    Export for Prosperity brings you up to date with global business and exporting news. Be in the know to ensure success for your business

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