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Food price rises 'returning to normal'

Grocery price inflation falls to its lowest since October 2021 but shoppers are still buying own-brand goods.

Five questions for ex-Post Office boss Paula Vennells

The former Post Office boss is due to give evidence to the public inquiry into the Horizon IT scandal.

Government eyes job 'bootcamps' in bid to fill gaps

Benefit claimants will get training for roles in sectors including hospitality, care and construction.

Children top up pocket money with extra work

Doing housework and developing side hustles is helping kids top up pocket money, a report claims.

BMW and Jaguar used banned China parts - US probe

The car makers used parts made by a supplier banned over alleged links to Chinese forced labour.

Electricity grids creak as AI demands soar

Data centre electricity demand is forecast to double in four years, putting energy grids under pressure.

Summer interest rate cut possible, says Bank deputy

Ben Broadbent's comments come ahead of data which is expected to show a fall in inflation.

Ryanair sees rises in air fares easing over summer

Airline profits rise despite fuel costs as it warns deliveries of Boeing jets could be further delayed

BT scraps digital landline switch deadline

BT has ditched its timetable to move landline customers from copper wire to digital.

Pretty Little Thing warned over 'misleading' ads

The advertising watchdog says the ads "must not appear again" on the company's social media sites.

China hits back at US and EU as trade rows deepen

Last week, Washington announce new tariffs on Chinese imports including electric cars and solar panels.

Who is Paula Vennells? Ex-Post Office boss in Horizon IT inquiry

The ordained priest who led the Post Office from 2012 to 2019 faces three days of questioning at the Horizon Inquiry.

Water investors have withdrawn billions, says research

A report suggests shareholders have taken billons but failed to invest as water bills look set to rise.

Virgin Trains targets West Coast in return to rail

Virgin Group has applied for a licence to run trains on the route it lost to Avanti in 2019.

'I had no choice but to get a 35-year mortgage'

With more young homebuyers opting for ultra-long mortgages, we hear from people about their personal experiences.

Fujitsu sacked boss at height of Horizon scandal

Global president Rod Vawdrey then returned to Australia and made millions in a "train wreck" float.

Unpaid carers being forced to repay £250m to DWP

One claimant unknowingly overpaid Carer's Allowance said the debts she incurred have brought 'considerable financial strain'.

Leading business figure Sir Anthony O'Reilly dies

He built an international media business which at one stage owned more than 100 newspapers.

Energy bills predicted to fall by 7% in July

If the forecast proves correct, it would mean a typical annual bill could be £500 lower than last summer.

Fewer crackers in Ritz boxes but price remains same

The 200g packs of Original and Cheese crackers have been replaced by packs weighing 150g and 140g.

Boeing boss's £25m pay package approved

Boeing shareholders approved a $33m pay package for outgoing boss Dave Calhoun.

Union forming stalled in US Mercedes-Benz

The UAW effort to win members in at Mercedes was a test of a wider resurgence in worker activism.

Alan Bates rejects second Post Office compensation offer

The latest offer amounted to around a third of what the campaigner had asked for.

Severn Trent boss defends multi-million pay packet

The water firm made 60,000 sewage spills last year but insists river quality is improving.

More people seek help for debts as fee scrapped

Debt Relief Orders are available to those on low incomes to clear existing debt and surged as the fee was axed.

Can troubled Thames Water avoid collapse?

The firm has huge debts and it may have to be taken over by the government if it runs out of money.

Bank of England plans expansion of Leeds base

The bank's governor says expanding its Leeds base would enable it to "better represent the public".

These elephants are dying on rail tracks - can AI save them?

Officials in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu are using AI to monitor elephant movement on rail tracks.

How should countries deal with falling birth rates?

As the UK and US continue to see falling birth rates, options to deal with the issue are limited.

Is China's bubble tea bubble about to burst?

Chinese bubble tea shares fizzle, raising questions about the industry and Hong Kong's stock market.

The man who turned his dead father into a chatbot

The "grief tech" firms helping users create talking avatars of their dead relatives.

'Corrupt ship inspectors demand our food and cargo'

Seafarers tell the BBC port officials routinely demand bribes before allowing ships through.

Cow dung's key role in India's energy industry

India is hoping that biogas, produced from farm waste, will curb its reliance on imported gas.

The post-Brexit hard sell for British food in Asia

The UK still lags far behind its main European counterparts, both in terms of sales and reputation.

Will AI dream up the hit TV shows of the future?

Television production firms admit they are already using AI to come up with new programme ideas.

How quantum physics could 'revolutionise everything'

From unhackable communication networks to powerful computers, quantum technology promises huge advances.

The rise of Sweden's super rich

Why the Nordic nation, despite its reputation for social equality, has so many billionaires.

'Garden floods show need to work with nature'

Insurance scheme urges gardeners to use planting to protect their homes from floods.

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