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General election 2019: Labour plans extra property tax on foreign buyers

The Labour Party says it will put a 20 per cent levy on foreign firms and trusts buying UK properties.

Travel firm boss aims to keep it in the family

The owner of Hays Travel, which bought Thomas Cook's stores, says he will not sell the enlarged business.

Huawei says latest US ban based on 'innuendo'

US telecommunications regulators have declared Huawei and ZTE national security threats.

TSB payments delay to customers 'resolved'

The bank says the problem was due to a "processing error" and those affected will not be left out of pocket.

World's most valuable whisky collection revealed

Guinness World Records confirms that a Vietnamese businessman's collection is worth nearly £10.8m.

Victoria's Secret cancels fashion show amid ratings drop

Television audiences for the show have slumped and the brand said its marketing needs to "evolve".

'I used to pull sickies every few months because of stress'

Almost half of Britons would fake a sick day, but very often it is due to mental health issues.

'Speak up': Lloyd's takes harassment crackdown to pubs

The insurance market is running a campaign urging staff to report sexual harassment - but will it work?

General election 2019: Tories plan stamp duty hike on non-UK residents

The party says the money raised would go towards tackling rough sleeping.

Dubai Air Show: The challenges for us all in flying green

Sustainable, renewable and green: environmental goals the aviation industry is now grappling with.

WeWork axes 2,400 staff globally

The move follows the dramatic collapse of the company's listing plans.

Thomas Cook's new owner creates 1,500 new jobs

About half of the new roles will be for apprentices in each of Hays Travel's 737 shops.

Apple 'loses money on phone repairs'

Apple says it loses money when it repairs devices such as iPhones and Macbooks.

General election 2019: How do government finances work?

Political parties are promising to spend lots of money, but how will they fund their plans?

General election 2019: Could Labour build 100,000 council houses a year?

Is Labour's plan for 100,000 council houses and 50,000 housing association homes a year feasible?

How to buy an Instagram following

The growing marketplace for buying fake followers on the social media site.

Letter from Africa: Zimbabwe, the land where cash barons thrive

The authorities are battling to cap inflation as the Zimbabwean dollar is reintroduced.

Why do billions of people still not have glasses?

It's thought 2.5 billion people could benefit from technology first developed in the 1200s.

How China plans to lead the computer chip industry

China wants to end its dependence on imported computer chips, but experts says it will struggle.

'Why economists get things wrong'

Economists seek to explain our world but they often get things wrong, argue two Nobel prize winners.

'I spend 250 days a year away from home'

Federico González runs the Radisson Hotel Group, and refuses to name his favourite place to stay.

Why US tech giants are putting billions into housing

The booming tech industry has pushed San Francisco house prices out of the reach of ordinary workers.

Dubai Air Show: The man putting a jolt into electric air racing

An Airbus-backed competition to race electric aircraft hopes to revolutionise engine technology.

John McDonnell: IFS have 'got it wrong this time'

The shadow chancellor was challenged after dismissing IFS comments about Labour's tax plans.

How the trampoline became a million dollar idea

The BBC's Aaron Heslehurst explains how the trampoline became a million dollar idea.

Mozilla co-founder: 'Don't hide things from your workers'

Mozilla boss Mitchell Baker says "don't hide things - even the scary, risky things" from your staff.

How the government raises money from you to pay for the services you use

Steph McGovern explains how the government raises money from you to pay for the services you use.

General election 2019: Labour pledges 'free broadband for the country'

John McDonnell said the party will bring free fibre broadband to every UK home by 2030 if it wins the election.

How trainers became a million dollar idea

The BBC's Aaron Heslehurst explains how trainers became a million dollar idea.

Life-like Russian androids and other news

BBC Click's Paul Carter looks at some of the week's best technology stories.

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