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Exporting and inward investment are vital to the growth and prosperity of British businesses and the UK financial market alike.

No matter what size your business or what sector you’re in, you can hardly have missed the continued focus on international trade and its impact on the growing economy.

The UK will grow faster this year than any other major economy, with the possible exception of the US. But with regular hints from the Bank of England that it will raise Bank Rate in the foreseeable future, it’s worth thinking about how you hedge against that modest headwind growth at home. Exports could be the answer. Or, as Stephen Boyle, Director of RBS Economics, puts it: “One of the options open to businesses is to seek out customers in fast-growth markets outside the euro zone.”

The message is clear: Exporting is the new vogue for forward-thinking UK businesses.

Yet export growth has been uneven, says Boyle. “Risk aversion – particularly for smaller businesses – means some are slower to capitalise on high-growth markets abroad than others. SMEs may not have the capacity to chase payment.” UK Trade & Investment calls this mindset one of British firms’ “barriers to export success” – and identifies “appropriate financing arrangements” as one of the most powerful means to overcome it.

This is where Invoice Finance and Asset Based Lending offer advantages. Mirka Skrzypczak, Head of Product & Client Proposition at RBS Invoice Finance, explains: “For SMEs looking to expand abroad, we can provide not only invoice discounting or factoring services to bring stability to their cash flow, and discount debtors from all the approved territories; alongside funding we also offer credit protection (as an integral part of either Factoring or Invoice Discounting facility) in case a debtor goes bust.”

Whether you’re looking at making current export activity more profitable, or starting to think about export, you’re not alone. RBS Invoice Finance is proud to partner and support you, every step of the way.

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