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“Managing Risk When Exporting Overseas”

Kevin Sargeant, UK & Europe Broking Director at Clements Worldwide, a leading multi-line international insurance provider, talks to Export for Prosperity about how UK exporters should approach the risk management process and how bespoke insurance programmes can help save money in the long run.

Providing insurance protection for international exporters requires focus and expertise in international underwriting. UKTI recently sat down with Kevin Sargeant, UK & Europe Broking Director at international insurance solutions provider Clements Worldwide, a company which has over 65 years of experience providing critical insurance protection for international organisations doing business overseas.

For members of UKTI who are planning on sending goods overseas, what kinds of insurance should they consider?
From departure to point of delivery, unpredictable risk exposures exist along every step of the way, threatening the safe and timely delivery of goods. With a transit and cargo policy from Clements your goods are protected whether being transported over land, sea, or air. Clements can provide other specialty solutions like commercial liability, Directors and Officers insurance and even optional War Risk coverage.
Why is important for UKTI members to consider commercial insurance protection?

Every international shipment presents potential risks of damage and loss. Moreover, piracy and hijacking are growing threats, leading to the interruption of critical business operations caused by a loss of assets. A comprehensive commercial risk management plan twill help protect your organisation from these threats and ensure that your business can continue. Important issues to consider include:

  •   Risk management considerations
  •   Underwriting information required
  •   Expected timescales
  •   Bespoke programmes and types of cover available

Always consult a reputable international insurance provider who has deep expertise and knowledge of the international exporter community and can provide you with a set of bespoke recommendations that are right for your organisation.

Clements Worldwide has been a leading international insurance solutions provider for over 65 years. E-mail to connect with an expert about your international insurance needs.

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