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Businesses in London grow faster with Workspace.

We provide platforms for growth through networking, social media and events as well as physical space. Across our centres, an average 12% of purchases and 17% of our customers’ sales come from other businesses based within the same centre.

We create unique environments that enable new and growing businesses to have the freedom and opportunity to thrive. Our customers are at the heart of London’s real economy and we provide them with the right space and services to help them grow. The flexibility of our leases and IT contracts equips our many businesses with the tools to expand and contract, making business planning more certain.

Being a Workspace customer means being part of a community of over 4,000 ambitious businesses in over 100 London locations.

We host the capital’s leading dynamic business communities, we help connect them to other businesses, suppliers, buyers and networks. We understand what drives them and use our expertise to champion their cause.

Workspace aims to be the first choice for new and growing businesses in London. There is a range of space within and across centres to provide light industrial, workshop and office space of varying sizes; and flexible tenancies.

By facilitating the right environment for businesses to grow and network, we create destinations from locations allowing creative and enterprise clusters to flourish. Our Club Workspace concept offers an effective co-working arrangement in established business centres for those who do not want to take fixed office premises.

Some of our leading brands include:
• White Stuff
• Mamma Mio
• Alex and Alexa

Small business is big business; 27.4% of our customers trade internationally, exporting across Europe, Asia, Africa and the US.

• Setred, based at Kennington Park Business Centre is a world-leader in new technology to assist brain scanning during medical procedures.
• TM Lewin is a major clothing designer and supplier based at Hatton Business Square
• Caprice Lingerie is based in our Westbourne Studios centre, designing and supplying lingerie to the UK and internationally

Alex and Alexa is a fast growing luxury online childrens retailer who in 2007 saw a global opportunity through the digital space with the world as their market rather than the traditional High Street. The UK is their home market but the international side of the business has grown to 70% of their sales. The key dynamic of growth is through the international development of business.

Alex and Alexa chose Workspace for the combination of authentic and original building features with modern amenities and facilities and the Workspace network and support throughout London. The environment in which they work has been an important factor in becoming a sizeable global player. Alex and Alexa have recently expanded with Workspace taking a 23,000 sq ft warehouse/distribution centre as well as a 4,900 sq ft office at The Biscuit Factory.

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