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House prices in first annual fall for 11 years, says the Halifax

The UK's biggest mortgage lender says rising borrowing costs are affecting confidence.

Shell adverts banned over misleading clean energy claims

They failed to mention Shell's more polluting activities, the advertising watchdog rules.

TikTok: ByteDance accused of helping China spy on Hong Kong activists

The Beijing-based firm has denied Chinese Communist Party members were allowed to access user data.

Telegraph owners say no risk to titles over loans

The Barclay family, which also owns the Spectator magazine and courier Yodel, owes debts to Lloyds Bank.

BBC, BA and Boots issued with ultimatum by cyber gang Clop

They say personal details of 100,000 staff at the BBC, British Airways and Boots will be published if employers do not get in touch.

CBI: Scandal-hit business group wins survival vote

Members have backed the lobbying giant but some say they will continue to pause engagement.

US sues Coinbase as crypto crackdown widens

The Securities and Exchange Commission says the company has not followed financial rules.

Sainsbury's chief executive total pay rises to £5m

Simon Roberts earned a bonus and share awards despite a drop in profits at the supermarket chain.

MoveIt hack: What action can data-breach victims take?

Experts give advice to the more than 100,000 warned their personal data is in the hands of cyber-criminals.

'Ducking hell' to disappear from Apple autocorrect

One of the most common swear words will no longer be automatically changed when typing.

Immigration can help push down UK inflation, says IMF deputy

With inflation as high as it is, "there are benefits to having workers come in", the institute says.

Energy giant SSE to pay £9.8m penalty for pricing breach

The Perth-based company is found to have overcharged the National Grid for lowering output.

PGA Tour & DP World Tour agree shock merger with LIV Golf to end split in golf

The PGA Tour and DP World Tour agree to merge with Saudi Arabian-backed circuit LIV Golf in a deal that ends the acrimonious split in the game.

Vision Pro: Apple's new augmented reality headset unveiled

The high price and two-hour battery life raise questions about how popular the new device will be.

Jason Derulo: My 'most unsexy' business investment in a car wash

The Savage Love singer says when wants to invest he looks for firms in sectors he understands.

Binance accused of 'web of deception' in US

US financial regulators say Binance mishandled customer funds and ignored US laws.

Singapore to hold final horse race after more than 180 years

The Southeast Asian island nation's only racecourse will hold its final meeting next year.

Civil servants to strike despite new pay offer

The PCS union says members will walk out in Ireland and Wales this week and at the DVLA from 11 June.

Microsoft to pay $20m for child privacy violations

The tech giant used data collected from child Xbox users without telling parents, US regulators say.

Linda Yaccarino replaces Elon Musk as Twitter boss

The former head of advertising at NBCUniversal is starting earlier than expected.

MOVEit hack: BBC, BA and Boots among cyber attack victims

Staff at multiple organisations are warned of a payroll data breach after an IT supplier is hacked.

Mortgage rates: Average two-year fix rises by £35 a month

Mortgage rates have risen since recent figures showed inflation is not coming down as quickly as expected.

Lidl next to vac pack mince despite Sainsbury's 'mush' complaints

Lidl is following an eco-friendly move that some Sainsbury's shoppers complained turned the meat to mush.

New business council launched to rival crisis-hit CBI

The Business Council, set up by the Chambers of Commerce, has Heathrow, BP and Drax among its members.

Oil prices rise as Saudi Arabia pledges output cuts

Other oil-producing countries also agreed to continued cuts in production to try to shore up prices.

Universal basic income: Plans drawn up for £1,600 a month trial in England

Thirty people would get a monthly lump sum for two years, under a think tank's scheme in England.

Susannah Dale: I want to help keep mothers in the workplace

Susannah Dale is urging firms to sign a "maternity pledge", to support pregnant staff and new mums.

'Mortgage costs right now are terrifying'

With rates rising and mortgages disappearing from the market, buyers reveal their struggles to get a deal.

Do train strikes still have any impact?

Rail workers have walked out on the 29th day of industrial action but are travellers adapting?

Elizabeth Holmes has gone to prison. Will she ever pay victims too?

Experts say victims often never get their money back from those who defrauded them.

The 'exploding' demand for giant heat pumps

Whole towns in Europe are being heated by huge, energy efficient heat pumps.

Who is Linda Yaccarino, Twitter's 'superwoman'?

Linda Yaccarino has started her new post as chief executive of Twitter, a few weeks ahead of schedule.

When will we start seeing energy bill deals again?

With bills set to drop from July, fixed deals could be due to make a comeback, say experts.

Nvidia: The chip maker that became an AI superpower

Innovation and good timing combined to make California's Nvidia the dominant firm for AI computer chips.

Is the spike in strike action here to stay?

BBC economics editor Faisal Islam asks whether a historic surge in industrial action is likely to persist.

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