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Coronavirus: Emergency business loan scheme revamped after criticism

Firms have made more than 130,000 loan enquires, but fewer than 1,000 had been approved.

Coronavirus conman barges in on 83-year-old woman

Trading standards officers say old-fashioned doorstep crime is rising as virus concern is exploited.

Government bails out bus firms to keep routes open

A £167m fund will cover the losses of bus companies to keep essential services running for key workers.

Coronavirus: Four ways the economy has been affected

The impact of the virus on the UK economy has been analysed by the UK's official number crunchers.

Coronavirus: Oil prices surge on hopes of a price war truce

US President Donald Trump says he expects Saudi Arabia and Russia to strike a deal in the next few days.

Coronavirus: BA reaches deal to suspend thousands of workers

The airline will temporarily suspend more than 30,000 of its workers after reaching a deal with unions.

UK using 1.2 billion tonnes of material a year

The figure is the equivalent of 18.5 tonnes of material per person and that has increased.

Coronavirus: US jobless claims hit 6.6 million as virus spreads

More than 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment last week as the coronavirus spreads.

Coronavirus: Interest-free overdraft plan for struggling borrowers

The UK's finance watchdog plans to end a "banking lottery" for those affected by coronavirus.

Coronavirus: Pets at Home seeing ‘exceptional demand’

'Vital role' of animals for households during the coronavirus pandemic lifts retailer's profit.

Coronavirus: Will jugglers and clowns harvest fruit and vegetables?

The UK is facing a shortage of fruit and vegetable pickers as harvest time nears.

Coronavirus: Nissan extends Sunderland plant production pause

The Sunderland factory employs 7,000 people and produces the Qashqai, Juke and electric LEAF models.

Coronavirus: Boots staff feel 'unsafe' as shoppers still browse makeup

Employees fear risk of coronavirus when staffing aisles selling non-essential items.

Denying coronavirus loans 'completely unacceptable' banks told

The government warns banks not to deny emergency cash to businesses that face going under.

Casino operator Caesars hit with record £13m penalty

The punishment follows "extremely serious" social responsibility and money laundering failures.

Coronavirus: Nearly a million universal credit claims in past two weeks

Officials say the benefit system is coping despite unprecedented demand due to pandemic.

Coronavirus: Morrisons store staff get bonus for coming into work

The chain is the latest supermarket to reward staff for their extra efforts during the crisis.

Coronavirus: Sainsbury’s uses ‘loophole’ to keep Argos open

Supermarket chain is accused of exploiting its essential business status to sell its Argos homewares.

Coronavirus: A fifth of smaller UK firms 'will run out of cash'

Despite government help, almost 20% of UK firms are unlikely to get the money they need to survive.

Coronavirus: Banks bow to pressure and axe shareholder payments

The Bank of England has also told the banks to cancel plans for cash bonuses for executives.

Coronavirus: ASOS denies claims staff are unsafe at work during outbreak

The clothing brand says a claim it is "playing Russian roulette with people’s lives" is nonsense.

Coronavirus: Zoom under increased scrutiny as popularity soars

The New York attorney general has written to the videoconferencing company about its security measures.

Coronavirus: Stock markets suffer worst quarter since 1987

The Dow Jones and FTSE 100 have fallen more than 20% since the start of the year.

National living wage rises by 6.2%

The increase has been welcomed by unions and takes the hourly pay for people aged 25 and over to £8.72.

Coronavirus: Debenhams seeks urgent deal with landlords

The department store is heading for another major restructuring which could involve more store closures.

The man who grew his own Amazon rainforest

Fighting back against destruction in the Amazon: how one man grew a rainforest of his own.

Coronavirus: Aldi, Morrisons, Waitrose and Asda lift some restrictions

Aldi, Morrisons, Waitrose and Asda ease limits on how many of some individual items people can buy.

Coronavirus: New job starters 'petrified' over wage help scheme

Workers who started new jobs in March are not eligible for the government's wage grant scheme.

Coronavirus: 'I don't want a flight voucher, where's my refund?'

The airlines' trade body wants to give vouchers for cancelled flights but passengers are unhappy.

Coronavirus: UK mortgage market goes into partial lockdown

Lenders are cutting back on loans, unless borrowers have a huge deposit or plenty of equity.

Coronavirus: How do I get a food parcel?

At least 50,000 free weekly food parcels are to be sent out to clinically vulnerable people in England.

Will coronavirus reverse globalisation?

Could Covid-19 permanently change how the global economy works?

Coronavirus career pivots: 'I now work in a supermarket'

An actress and a commercial sales leader talk about making the switch to working in a supermarket.

Big splash: The world's largest designer of water parks

Geoff Chutter is the founder of Whitewater West, the world's largest water park design firm.

Coronavirus meant we had to delay our wedding

The coronavirus outbreak means big weddings are currently impossible. Here's one couple's experience.

'The phone slipped into the bath': Conference call tales

How to avoid some of the pitfalls of teleconferencing and how it is changing the way we meet and do business.

'My $60m weight-loss app cured my personal pain'

Victoria Repa has created an app to help people lose weight, an issue she struggled with growing up.

The uncertain future for China's electric car makers

China is the biggest market for electric vehicles, but the coronavirus is the latest blow to shake the industry.

How are food supply networks coping with coronavirus?

As the pandemic puts pressure on food supplies, how are the delivery systems holding up?

Marini Naturals: The haircare business that reaches 12 countries

Michelle Ntalami couldn't buy the products she wanted for her hair, so she set up a company to sell them.

Could synthetic fish be a better catch of the day?

Start-ups are growing fish "meat" in labs and say it will be competitive with fish from the sea.

'I bought a winery and it caused a US-French row'

When US entrepreneur Michael Baum bought a famous French vineyard it caused a trans-Atlantic spat.

Coronavirus: Robots use light beams to zap hospital viruses

Demand has surged for robots equipped with powerful ultraviolet lights that can kill viruses.

Singapore has moved all its hawkers indoors, and other big Asian cities are following suit

Singapore has moved all its street food vendors indoors. Could that be a model for other cities?

'It was never my plan to be the boss of a huge company'

Why Swiss drugs giant Novartis was prepared to take a chance on a young American.

How do you work out what something is worth?

Auctions have been around for centuries, but underpin the success of many internet giants today.

Reducing brain damage in sport without losing the thrills

Sports like NFL and rugby are taking head injuries much more seriously and employing technology to help.

The Boss: Male investors didn't get my billion-dollar idea

How fashion boss Katrina Lake was able to succeed despite having to battle sexism.

Mark Carney: What legacy will he leave the Bank of England?

The first non-British governor to lead the Bank in its 325-year history steps down this weekend.

Are female urinals the answer to queues at the loos?

Clever designs are trying to tackle queues for female loos, but will the innovations catch on?

Coronavirus lockdown: Clubbers go online for music

With the coronavirus lockdown bringing normal nightlife to an end, some enterprising DJs are going online.

Coronavirus: The struggle of being a ride-share driver

Julie Davis is a ride-share driver in the virus hotspot of Seattle - watch her emotional video diary.

Remote working: Seven tips for successful video meetings

Workplace consultant Guenaelle Watson gives seven tips for better video meetings.

The Prodrive Motorsport company it switching its factory to ventilators

The Prodrive Motorsport company it switching its factory to ventilators

Coronavirus: Inside a community pharmacy under pressure

Pharmacists are asking people not to stockpile drugs as many report a threefold increase in footfall.

Coronavirus: Barclay on government help for self-employed

The government says self-employed people have not been forgotten when it comes to financial help.

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