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Inflation: Rise in cost of living slows in September

UK inflation fell slightly to 3.1% in September, although transport costs rose, official figures show.

Going green will not have big cost, says Kwarteng

The business secretary denies that individuals will have to pay more to have a greener lifestyle.

Average cash withdrawal climbs to £80

The average amount Britons take out of cash machines rises by over £10, but there are fewer visits.

Brewdog's solid gold beer can ad misleading, ASA says

The advertising watchdog says three Brewdog adverts for a gold can competition were "misleading".

Squid Game helps Netflix subscriptions pick up

The streaming giant added 4.4 million new users in the third quarter as foreign language shows continued to fly.

IMF warns Afghanistan's economic slump will impact neighbours

Afghanistan's economic turmoil will fuel a refugee crisis impacting nearby countries, the fund warned.

Credit Suisse fined over Mozambique tuna scandal

Bank to pay £147m fine to UK authorities as part of wider settlement over a corruption scandal.

Morrisons: Shareholders approve £7bn takeover deal

British supermarket group Morrisons says shareholders approve the US private equity group takeover.

Facebook settles US worker discrimination claims

The tech giant will pay $14.5m to settle claims it routinely hired foreign instead of US workers.

Inflation: Food price rises are terrifying, warns industry

Food and drink firms are seeing price rises of as much as 18% while manufacturers struggle with costs.

Amazon, Ikea and Unilever pledge zero-carbon shipping by 2040

Nine major firms say they will only use zero-carbon cargo vessels by 2040, in a bid to clean up shipping.

Energy price cap not working, says power boss

The owner of Scottish Power says capping domestic energy prices has caused long-term harm to the market.

Government urged to make a decision on HS2 route

Supporters and opponents of the paused Birmingham-to-Leeds rail link are concerned about its future.

Biggest fall in HGV drivers among the middle-aged

Driver numbers peaked in 2017 but those aged 46 to 55 years have recorded a sharp decline.

The Indian women widowed by Covid-19

In India, Covid has widowed thousands of women, who are now struggling to adjust to a new life.

The battle to make lighter life-saving body armour

New materials are making body armour lighter but nanotechnology could provide a breakthrough.

Why Christmas could be stuck in a shipping container

China is the factory of the world but exports have been hindered by the global supply chain crisis.

You may be able to book a flying taxi within three years

Firms are racing to bring flying taxis and the mini-airports they need into service.

Why 2.3 million US children could miss out on expanded tax credit

About 67 million US children are eligible for new benefits, but some of the most vulnerable are missing out.

Morrisons takeover: Bradford retail giant in the bagging area

As shareholders prepare to vote on a £7bn takeover, what are the views from Morrisons' birthplace?

Can African tech giant Jumia deliver on its promise?

Can Africa-focussed tech giant Jumia deliver on its promises to a new generation of consumers?

Fashionable farming - the people growing their own clothes

A team of people in the north of England are now making clothes, from seeds to finished garments.

CEO Secrets: 'No need to convince the haters you're worthy'

Michele Roberts, executive director of the National Basketball Players Association, shares her CEO Secrets.

Why does the internet keep breaking?

Outages of Facebook and its family of apps now lead to significant disruption for firms worldwide

Smart headbands claim to make people calmer. Do they work?

Devices that measure brainwaves are increasingly being used by athletes to improve their performance.

Why are energy prices soaring?

The perfect storm of long and short-term factors driving the energy crunch.

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