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Sunak weighs up new worker pay subsidy scheme

Options to replace the furlough scheme are understood to include a German-style wage top-up system.

Does BlackRock have the world's toughest rules on romance?

It's not just the workplace flings, BlackRock wants to know who you are dating outside the office too.

Brexit letter warns of 7,000-truck queues in Kent

Exporters to the EU face two-day delays to trade after transition period ends, a cabinet minister warns.

Could churches double up as bank branches in cash-stricken areas?

The idea is one of a number being trialled to help improve access to cash in remote areas.

Upper Crust owner: 'Demand for travel will return'

SSP sales are 76% down with about two-thirds of its outlets closed across the group.

Bank of England boss calls for furlough 'rethink'

Governor Andrew Bailey suggests that some sectors may benefit from further targeted help.

Nike expects permanent shift to online sales

The sportswear giant has seen digital sales soar and says few customers will revert back to stores.

Musk: Cheaper Tesla ready 'in about three years'

Plans for lower-cost batteries and a $25,000 car did not excite investors - firm's value fell $50bn.

Barclays to send staff back to working from home

City firms SocGen and Lloyd's of London also tell staff to stop coming into the office after new guidance.

'Closing pubs at 10pm halves your takings'

The hospitality industry warns the earlier closing time will have a 'devastating' impact.

Kingfisher to hand back £23m of UK furlough cash

The B&Q owner's profits soar after home improvements boom during the coronavirus lockdown.

Whitbread to cut 6,000 jobs as hotel demand slumps

The owner of Premier Inns has warned that almost 20% of its workers could be laid off.

Loyal customers 'must not pay more for insurance'

The City regulator plans a "radical" shake-up in home or motor insurance, to tackle the loyalty penalty.

FinCEN: Why gold in your phone could be funding drug gangs

Gold from a refiner used by criminals to launder drug money has entered supply chains for smartphones and cars.

Airbus looks to the future with hydrogen planes

The aerospace giant said its hydrogen-fuelled passenger planes could be in service by 2035.

Coronavirus: Asia stock markets continue global fallout

Fears of a second coronavirus wave sent stocks lower but European shares open with small gains.

GE: Industrial giant will stop building coal-fired power plants

In a dramatic reversal, one of the world's biggest makers of coal-fired plants will exit the market.

Microsoft buys Fallout creator Bethesda for $7.5bn

Xbox's owner confirms it has bought the game developer ahead of the launch of the new Xbox console.

TikTok deal under new threat as Trump insists on total US control

The US president says he will not approve the deal if Chinese company Bytedance remains involved.

Fears of second lockdown wipe £50bn off UK stocks

Shares in the US and Europe fall sharply with travel, hotel and pub firms worst hit.

Premium Bonds issuer slashes chance of winning

NS&I has cut the interest rates it pays, reducing the chances for savers in its £1m draw.

Rail franchises axed as help for train firms extended

The rail franchising system has been scrapped and a £3.5bn survival scheme for train firms extended.

'It’s OK to make losses early on'

The co-founder of Beans Coffee Club says it’s OK to make losses when you start your business, but make sure it’s money you can afford to lose.

'Lack of investment' behind delayed court cases

Court cases face serious delays in the UK and lawyers say more investment in technology would help.

Wigs: A new fashion trend for black men?

A start-up in London is on a mission to make wigs cool, with a focus on young, black men.

Coronavirus economy: The 'banker ladies' saving friends from debt

Amid a pandemic and economic crisis, minority communities turn to traditional saving methods to help.

'Mythical' Aston Martin Bulldog supercar being restored

Only one Bulldog was ever built but it was sold by the company 40 years ago to raise cash.

The black-owned coffee firm that became a bestseller

US firm Blk & Bold has seen sales surge this year on the back of the Black Lives Matter movement.

'I still spend so much time on the kids - that needs to change'

Sarah Dahia from Australia takes us through her week during the coronavirus pandemic.

Fincen files: How British companies use banks to money launder

The office in Potters Bar has registered more than 100 companies that are named in the Fincen files – a leak of suspicious activity reports filed by banks.

'They used my picture and I should've got paid for it'

Some call them copyright trolls, but these companies say they defend photographers' rights.

'For me whale meat is my childhood, my memories'

Sales of whale meat rise in Norway, helped by more Norwegians going on staycations.

How e-commerce is exploding in South Africa

E-commerce has been one sector that has boomed in South Africa during the pandemic.

Coronavirus: How we faced redundancy in lockdown

Young people are losing more jobs than any other age group - Newsbeat has been speaking to some of them.

Teen entrepreneurs’ top business tips

Two young businessmen who started their ventures when they were at school share their advice on how to sustain your business during the pandemic.

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