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Microsoft's new Call of Duty deal set for approval

The revised offer "opens the door" to the deal being cleared, the UK competition watchdog says.

Cost-of-living payments don't last - food bank

The UK's biggest food bank provider says the payments provide only temporary respite before demand returns.

NatWest says issue of missing cash deposits has been resolved

Numerous customers said on Thursday that recently-deposited cash was not showing up in their balance.

Labour pledges more watchdog power after Truss mini-budget

The changes could prevent a repeat of the mistakes made in Liz Truss's mini-budget, the party says.

Warner Bros to expand Barbie movie studios in UK

The project will see capacity at the Leavesden facility near London expanding by more than 50%.

Five things to know about Lachlan Murdoch

The new boss of his father Rupert's global media company has a complicated relationship with Donald Trump.

JPEX: Hong Kong investigates influencer-backed crypto exchange

About 2,000 investors lost money on the JPEX platform which was advertised on Hong Kong's metro.

Chevron and unions agree to end Western Australia gas strikes

The dispute triggered volatile trading on energy markets over concerns it could hit global gas supplies.

Rupert Murdoch steps down as Fox and News Corp chairman in favour of son Lachlan

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch is stepping down as chairman, ending a 70-year career.

UK interest rate freeze ends run of 14 straight increases

The surprise decision comes as the Bank of England says price rises are slowing faster than expected.

Interest rates: How the Bank of England's decision affects you and your money

The Bank of England has held interest rates at 5.25%, bringing a run of 14 consecutive rises to an end.

Firms forced to sell more electric cars despite petrol ban delay

Car makers will still have to ensure over a fifth of cars sold are electric from 2024.

H&M in U-turn over online returns fee in store

Its website had previously said customers must pay £1.99 to return parcels either in store or online.

Bankrupted Post Office Horizon victim demands answers after 17 years

An ongoing inquiry into the Horizon IT scandal examines the case of Lee Castleton.

Japan's Toshiba set to end 74-year stock market history

A group of investors plans to take the company private after buying more than 78% of its shares.

Government borrowing rose to £11.6bn in August

Public borrowing was higher than most economists had expected last month.

Fed holds interest rates steady - for now

The US central bank signals it could raise its key interest rate again this year

Car makers split on decision to delay petrol ban

Some manufacturers have raised concerns that the move to 2035 could put drivers off switching to electric.

Who is Rupert Murdoch?

Revered and feared, the tycoon has built a global media empire on four continents.

Is it possible to regulate artificial intelligence?

We are moving towards regulation of AI, but some experts maintain that it will never work.

Forget LA – it’s British film studios that are in demand

The film and high-end TV industry in the UK is seeing a frenzy of activity.

The turbo-charged plants that could boost farm output

Researchers are tweaking the photosynthesis process to raise the output of crops like soy, maize and wheat.

UAW strike: Why are US car workers walking out?

Nearly 13,000 workers for Ford, General Motors and Stellantis have gone on an historic, co-ordinated strike.

New tax divides India's booming computer games sector

The Indian government's forthcoming tax on the industry doesn't apply to all types of games.

The firms hoping to take psychedelic drugs mainstream

Start-ups are tweaking psychedelic compounds to treat mental health conditions.

'I wasn't heard at meetings, so did something about it'

Pamela Maynard, CEO of Avanade, shares her advice to get ahead at work.

Robots are trained to help revive coral reefs

Researchers are experimenting with robots to help speed up the restoration of coral reefs.

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