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Two million more people paying higher rate tax

The number of workers in higher income tax bands has risen by almost two million in three years, says HMRC.

Thousands of BT workers vote to strike over pay

Strike action would disrupt broadband rollout and cause issues with working from home, a union says.

Halifax says pronoun badge critics can close accounts

The bank tells customers who object to pronouns on name badges they are welcome to close their accounts.

Post Office scandal victims to get more money

More than 500 sub-postmasters are to get an interim payment from the government worth around £40,000 each.

Firms warn time is running out to save UK economy

More help is needed for companies struggling with rising costs, the boss of a business lobby group says.

Heathrow flight cancellations cause queues and 'chaos'

Travellers complain of disruption after the airport asked airlines to cancel 30 flights on Thursday.

Petrol station staff abused over high fuel prices

There is a "huge increase" of abuse by drivers angry at the price at the pump, forecourt operators say.

Heinz products off Tesco shelves after pricing dispute

The beans, sauce and soup-maker is pausing supply to the UK's largest supermarket in a price rise row.

Poundland boosts £1 items in battle for shoppers

The discount chain says it is seeing a rise in customer numbers as people seek savings.

Scratch card sales fall as cost of living rises

Camelot says there are signs consumers have "tightened their belts" as living costs rise.

Plan to cut energy bills if you avoid peak-time use

Some households could get discounts for using less energy at peak times under National Grid's scheme.

Cost of living: People cut back on food shopping as price rises bite

Retail sales fell 0.5% in May as households cut spending in supermarkets due to the rising cost of living.

UK inflation rises at fastest rate for 40 years as food costs jump

Food, energy and fuel price rises help drive inflation up in May at its fastest pace since 1982.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak defends likely pensions rise

There's criticism of the move as ministers warn workers not to expect pay rises to match increasing costs.

Asda says some shoppers asking cashiers to stop at £30

Rising food prices are sparking a "massive change in behaviour", the supermarket's chairman tells the BBC.

Ofgem blamed as supplier failures lead to higher energy bills

Billpayers are hit with £94 extra a year after 28 companies collapsed due to energy price hikes.

Union rejects Rolls-Royce £2,000 living-cost bonus

Unite has rejected the offer of a lump sum and pay rise for thousands of Rolls-Royce staff.

Food bills are set to soar by £380 this year

As grocery prices rise at their highest pace in 13 years, experts warn there are more hikes to come.

Big pay rises could push prices up, says minister

Treasury minister Simon Clarke warns bosses to be "very careful" in setting wage increases.

Three things we're cutting back on as prices rise

People in Birmingham and Kent tell the BBC how they are cutting back to cope with the cost of living crisis.

Ben & Jerry's criticises resumption of sales in Israeli settlements

The ice cream maker is unhappy with Unilever's deal to continue sales in the occupied West Bank.

Hello Kitty firm strikes China deal after viral hit

Shares of Japanese company Sanrio rose by almost 14% in Tokyo after the agreement was announced.

Ghost broking: Young and vulnerable people targeted by insurance scam

There's a warning to "safeguard personal finances against fraud" amidst the cost of living crisis.

Pride: Amazon restricts LGBT goods in United Arab Emirates

The online retail giant says it has to comply with the laws of the countries in which it operates.

Google sign-up 'fast track to surveillance', consumer groups say

Ten European consumer organisations join forces to launch complaints to privacy and data regulators

Farmers cut food production as costs soar

Soaring costs are forcing farmers to cut back on food and milk production.

Heathrow Airport announces more flight cancellations

The cancellations are because more passengers are expected at the airport than it can cope with.

Royal Mail managers vote to strike over job cuts

Proposed strike dates will be announced in the coming days, the Unite trade union says.

Shapps: Rail strikes 'could be easily settled'

The Transport Secretary Grant Shapps says many work practices are 'antiquated'.

Heathrow told to reduce passenger charge

The airport is told to cut its charges for airlines each year until 2026 by the UK's aviation regulator.

Walgreens abandons Boots sale after market turmoil

The owner of the UK pharmacy chain says no buyer was able to make an adequate offer.

Non-essential petrol sales halted for two weeks in Sri Lanka

The country says it is saving its limited fuel supplies for vehicles used for essential services.

Royal Mail workers to vote on strike over pay

More than 115,000 staff will receive their ballot papers and are expected to back strike action.

Wales basic income: Pilot will give care leavers £19,000 a year

More than 500 people leaving care in Wales will be offered £1,600 a month for two years.

Cost of living: Call for swift action on financial disputes

The Financial Ombudsman says it is dealing with more complaints about the response to reports of scams.

Credit Suisse bank found guilty over money-laundering charges

The bank is fined by a Swiss court for involvement in money-laundering linked to a Bulgarian drugs ring.

Fertiliser shortage hits African farmers battling food crisis

The global fertiliser shortage is driving up prices and raising fears of food scarcity.

Russia in debt default as payment deadline passes

The country fails to make $100m interest payment due to sanctions and is reported to be in default.

Sainsbury's pressed to pay more to subcontracted workers

Shareholders are calling for the supermarket to make a broader commitment to paying higher wages.

Japan urges 37 million people to switch off lights

Officials have asked people in Tokyo and its surrounding area to turn off lights amid a heatwave.

G7 summit: Leaders detail $600bn plan to rival China's Belt and Road initiative

The revamped plan will see fresh funds being injected into development projects in Asia and Africa.

Roe v Wade: US firms pledge to pay staff travel expenses for abortions

Disney, JP Morgan and Meta are among the companies to confirm such policies after the Roe v Wade ruling.

Why I kept my sexuality a secret at work

How an aircraft engineer overcame his fear of revealing his sexuality and set up a Pride network.

Why business is still optimistic about Hong Kong

Twenty five years on from the handover from the UK, many business owners and leaders remain optimistic.

The staff shortage slowing down air cargo and bags

A lack of skilled cargo handlers is now hampering the booming air freight business too.

How Aussie farmers are hoping to win over tequila fans

Two Australia farmers are aiming rival Mexican tequila and mezcal with a similar delicious spirit.

Could nuclear desalination plants beat water scarcity?

Engineers are developing mobile, floating nuclear desalination plants to help solve water shortages.

US parents turn to black market due to formula shortage

As the US grapples with a formula crisis, parents are turning to the black market for supplies.

How India could become a 'mushroom superpower'

Changing tastes mean mushroom entrepreneurs are only just getting started.

How human-like are the most sophisticated chatbots?

As a Google engineer says his firm's top chatbot has feelings, just how lifelike is the technology?

CEO Secrets: 'Don't treat your business like your baby'

Liz Jackson MBE started her career as an entrepreneur, creating her own marketing company, aged 25.

The small seaport crucial for Europe's energy future

As neighbour Germany takes a step closer to gas rationing a Polish seaside resort prepares to help.

How The Gambia’s oyster farmers are being hit by climate change

Women's livelihoods in The Gambia are under threat from rising temperatures and sea levels.

Could flat tyres soon be a thing of the past?

Airless tyres that do not puncture are getting close to market but some remain sceptical about them.

Why you may have a thinking digital twin within a decade

Within 10 years people may be able to have a intelligent online version of themselves.

'It is all about raising the profile of carers'

The UK economy cannot afford to have more of its 10.5m army of carers quit the workforce for good.

India's loan scams leave victims scared for their lives

Bogus apps are being used by hackers to access mobile phone data to threaten and blackmail victims.

The people making money from just surfing the internet

A Canadian tech firm is allowing people to take a cut of online advertising revenue.

India wheat export ban: Why it matters to the world

India's move to ban wheat exports rattled global markets, but the government says it won't have much impact.

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