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Bates learned of knighthood at Post Office inquiry

The campaigner had travelled to hear former CEO Paula Vennells give evidence when he received the news.

Supermarket sandwiches linked to E. coli outbreak

Retailers are removing at least 56 types of sandwiches, wraps and salad from UK supermarket shelves.

Barclays suspends festival funding after protests

There had been protests over the bank's links to Download, Latitude and the Isle of Wight festivals.

Boeing plane investigated after 'Dutch roll'

Air regulators are investigating new issues with Boeing planes.

Is Elon Musk worth his $56bn Tesla pay package?

He is beloved by his millions of followers online, but would Musk's businesses have succeeded without him?

The battle for Gen Z social shoppers

If TikTok is banned in the US, where might its social shoppers go?

Tesco says shoppers are buying more as confidence returns

The UK's largest retailer reports higher sales, but controversy persists over its boss's pay package.

'Mouse jigglers' pretending to work fired by bank

Wells Fargo has fired a number of workers, after reviewing claims of fake keyboard activity.

JLR invests £1m to help police stop car thefts

It comes after the company’s boss denied reports that the Range Rover was "Britain's most stolen vehicle".

Tesla investors back $56bn Musk pay deal

The multi-billionaire had campaigned for the payout, which is worth up to $56bn.

Housing demand wanes as buyers bank on rate cut

Housebuilder Crest Nicholson warns on profits as the market softens while surveyors see confidence dip.

US Fed pencils in one interest rate cut this year

America's central bank scaled back forecasts for cuts in 2024 despite annual inflation easing.

'My son's generation was sold a lie on housing'

Ahead of the upcoming general election, many voters are calling for housing and rental reforms.

Airport bosses criticise sudden liquids U-turn

Airport bosses have criticised the lack of notice they were given for re-introducing 100ml liquids limits.

US widens Russia sanctions in banking crackdown

The US broadens Russia sanctions, including a fresh crackdown on banks and tech.

UK economy fails to grow during wet April

The main political parties disagree about what the data suggests about longer-term economic health.

EU threatens China EVs with tariffs of up to 38%

The decision comes as an investigation continues into what the EU calls China’s "unfair subsidisation".

DFS warning as Red Sea disruption hits deliveries

Cargo ships are having to take long detours to avoid the Suez Canal amid attacks by Houthi rebels.

Gaming giant Steam accused of ripping off 14m UK gamers

Legal claim alleges Steam's market dominance means consumers are paying too much for video games.

Payments taken twice from some Co-op bank accounts

The bank is trying to resolve the glitch after payments were debited twice from some business accounts.

Ex-BHS directors must pay £18m over chain's collapse

Two former directors of the collapsed retail chain have been found guilty of wrongful trading.

Elon Musk unexpectedly drops case against OpenAI

The multi-billionaire Tesla boss filed the lawsuit against the ChatGPT developer at the end of February.

GameStop raises over $2bn after Roaring Kitty rally

The company said it had sold all 75 million shares it had offered to investors.

Tesla pay fight tests power of Elon Musk's mystique

Elon Musk wants the biggest pay package in history, but will investors back the $50bn deal?

Unemployment rate highest for more than two years

The rate has risen to 4.4%, official figures show, the highest figure since September 2021.

Easy Life band renamed after EasyGroup legal row

The band changed their name after a threat of legal action by the brand owners of airline EasyJet.

Raspberry Pi shares soar on stock market debut

Raspberry Pi's listing is seen as a boost for the London stock market, which has seen some firms moving abroad.

'We are creating new crops five-times faster'

How artificial intelligence is increasingly helping the arable farming sector.

'Insane' amounts of data spurs new storage tech

Storing information with holograms and in glass is being proposed to deal with a deluge of data.

Why the EU might be about to make Chinese electric cars more expensive

Brussels is widely expected to introduce tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles coming to Europe.

Have Milei's first six months improved the Argentine economy?

Javier Milei has been Argentina's president for half a year - how has it gone?

Price hikes and boycotts: Is trouble brewing at Starbucks?

The coffee giant is suffering as customers "lose it" over price hikes and other controversies.

The rise and rise of fashion giant Shein

The retailer could be heading for London's stock market, but its rise has not come without controversy.

How 'Swiftonomics' is impacting the music industry

The Eras tour, which has arrived in Edinburgh, is reckoned to be pushing her wealth well north of $1bn.

Why is Nvidia boss the 'Taylor Swift of tech'?

Jensen Huang is at the forefront of an AI boom, which coincides with Nvidia's rise as a leading chip firm.

Concern rises over AI in adult entertainment

AI in adult entertainment could have negative effects on society and individuals, experts say.

Could AI put an end to animal testing?

Artificial intelligence systems are increasingly being used to help test new drugs and chemicals.

Why Canadians are angry with their biggest supermarket

Food prices, including a $40 chicken, has stoked fury and calls for big foreign supermarket chains to come to Canada.

Australia wants to become a renewable energy superpower. Can it?

The country has come up with an ambitious plan to become the engine room of the new green economy.

Can 'energy hog' hot tubs be greener?

Hot tubs are becoming a standard feature at holiday parks, but can they be made more energy efficient?

Could a housing revolution transform Canadian cities?

The Canadian government is pushing hard for cities to build more "fourplex" apartment blocks.

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