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Don't holiday in amber list countries - Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson says not to go but some travel firms are refusing refunds for those destinations.

Superyacht sales surge as wealthy seek Covid escape

The charity Oxfam says the millions spent on superyachts could instead vaccinate entire countries.

Holiday firms refuse refunds for amber destinations

Travellers who booked ahead for 2021 or had holidays moved are finding they cannot claim money back.

Post Office scandal inquiry to be bolstered

The move by the government will mean witnesses could be compelled to give evidence and hand over documents.

UK farmers sound alarm over Australia trade talks

Labour accuse the government of a "sell-out" amid reports of a Cabinet rift over free trade deal.

Eurostar secures £250m rescue package

The cross-Channel rail operator has been fighting for survival during the pandemic as demand slumped.

Firms 'lose trillions' by ignoring disabled consumers

Group promoting disability inclusion in business says firms should target disabled people's spending.

Walmart: Customers want to get out and shop, says boss

The world's largest retailer says it is getting more optimistic as US sales grow faster than expected.

UK job vacancies highest for a year as lockdown eases

The jobs market is showing "early signs of recovery" as unemployment rate falls, official figures show.

Amazon in talks to buy MGM Studios for $9bn - reports

The deal would give the e-commerce giant's streaming service a vast library of content.

Amazon investigated by German anti-trust watchdog

New German laws mean the regulator can take faster action to prohibit any anti-competitive behaviour.

Just 20 firms behind more than half of single-use plastic waste - study

The study looked at approximately 1,000 factories that make the raw materials for single-use products.

UK hit by Cadbury 99 Flake shortage

A surge in demand at ice cream van windows has led to a shortage of the crumbly chocolate treats.

Bill Gates left Microsoft amid affair investigation

Microsoft has said that it investigated Mr Gates' attempt in 2000 "to initiate an intimate relationship".

Lockdown easing fails to lure back shoppers

Despite UK hospitality venues trading more freely, fewer people have been visiting shops than last week.

AT&T and Discovery to create new streaming giant

The deal will see Harry Potter-maker Warner Bros. and Discovery take on Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon.

Covid-19: Thousands head overseas on holiday as rules ease

Holidaymakers from England, Scotland and Wales are now able to jet off for some early summer sun.

Holidaying Brits touch down in Portugal: 'It feels unreal'

Leisure travel from England, Scotland and Wales, to a select number of countries, is now allowed.

Ryanair: Signs of summer travel rebound

Europe's largest budget carrier says pent-up demand has sparked a surge in booking.

The app that lets you pay to control another person's life

NewNew aims to connect artists with their fans who can vote on aspects of their work and daily life.

Why is Huawei still in the UK?

Huawei defends its links with British universities, says it admires UK innovation

Debenhams: 'It's only fixtures and fittings, we'll still be friends'

Staff reminisce about the Mansfield branch of Debenhams, which closed this week, after five decades.

Building's hard problem - making concrete green

Concrete accounts for 8% of carbon dioxide emissions, but some firms are hoping to cut that down.

Jeff Bezos and the secretive world of superyachts

The world's richest man will reportedly set sail next month on one of the largest superyachts ever built.

I love being a mogul: The Hollywood stars going into business

With the pandemic shutting down Hollywood over the past year, actors have been starting companies.

HS2 high-speed rail project begins underground tunnel

At 170m long, "Florence" is the largest ever tunnelling machine to be used on a UK rail project.

Arthur Beale: Sailing goods business closes shop after 500 years

The Arthur Beale store, which sells specialist marine supplies, says the pandemic has forced its closure.

Can New Zealand's tourism industry make a sustainable return?

Tourist operators consider a more sustainable approach to their industry as travellers start to return.

CEO Secrets: 'Master every aspect of your business'

Windfarm CEO Sarah Merrick says being involved in all areas of her business has paid dividends.

No sofa, bed, table - people who have to live without furniture

In the UK more than two million people experience furniture poverty yet it’s rarely spoken about.

Mind-boggling magnets could unlock plentiful power

Powerful magnets are bringing abundant, pollution-free electricity a step closer.

President Biden's claims on the US economy fact-checked

The president is hailing his economic progress since he came to office. We look at some of his claims.

'I was injured but the rescue boat found me in seconds'

How technology has helped emergency responders save lives during the pandemic.

Taking an invention from idea to the marketplace

Lockdown spurred many people to invent new products, but how did they get to market?

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